a completely new class of wind turbine


A small wind power plant for use on the roofs of buildings in built-up areas

Achieve energy
Wind energy is cheap and easily available
Simple installation of the wind power plant on the roofs of buildings
Potential integration into a future Smart Grid
Works well in tandem with other renewable sources of energy

Small wind power plants – the future for life in the city

DAWT (Difusser Augmented Wind Turbine) is the technology of the future.
Small wind power plants currently use turbines rotating about a horizontal axis (HAWT) or a vertical axis (VAWT).
We have developed this product as a completely new class of wind power plant – DAWT – Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine.
According to respectable scientific studies, this is the most advantageous type of small wind turbine for installation on the roofs of buildings, particularly in built-up areas.

The advantages of DAWT wind turbines

DAWT technology – the future in harnessing wind power in city agglomerations
Vyšší výkon

Increased performance

Thanks to the diffuser, the turbine’s output is more than twice that of a HAWT turbine and over four times greater than a VAWT turbine.

Kompaktní rozměry turbíny Maverick

Compact dimensions

Maverick turbines have very compact dimensions, which predetermine them for installation on roofs. Maverick turbines are also low-weight and can be transported using ordinary freight services thanks to their parameters.*

Bezpečná větrná elektrárna Maverick

Safe system

Maverick poses absolutely no danger to the surrounding area. The diffusor performs the function of a protective cover for the rotating blades. The diffuser is highly visible to birds, so there is no risk of their injury.

chytrý difuzor přesně směřuje proti větru

No need for directing the turbine

The diffusor accurately points the turbine against the wind, so there is no need for additional equipment for changing its direction.

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šetrný k přírodě

Made with respect towards nature

The Maverick manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. We use eco-friendly materials, we do not use any paint and operation of the wind turbine is also ecological.

Rychlá návratnost

Fast rate-of-return

The Maverick is capable of generating the energy needed for its manufacture within 3 months of operation.

Maverick z lehce recyklovatelných materiálů


The Maverick is completely made from easily recyclable materials, such as aluminium alloys, stainless steel, polycarbonate and carbon fibres.
At the end of its life cycle it can be disassembled and sorted into basic raw materials by a single person, using ordinary hand tools, within 40 minutes.

Vyroben ryze českými firmami

First-class design

All the manufacturing technologies, materials and components are our own design and were made by purely Czech companies, which develop and manufacture prototypes for the automotive and aviation industries from high-quality materials using first-rate technological equipment.

testování Maverick


All the used technologies, materials and components, as well as the prototype we constructed, have undergone testing in order to meet the legislative requirements for introducing the product onto the market. Testing takes place at a renowned supranational company with a worldwide reputation.

* (To demonstrate, a HAWT type turbine would have to have a rotor of a diameter of 2.5 m in order to achieve the output generated by a Maverick in the heavy turbulence typical in cities.)

DAWT Maverick
technical parameters

The Maverick is a wind turbine with a horizontal axis of rotation, with a diffusor.

marada wind power

Rotor diameter: 1,330 mm

External diffusor diameter: 1,600 mm

The height of the rotor hub during typical installation on a roof: 1,800 mm

Total weight: 29 kg

Daily output: 4,000 W at 6 m/s

Start speed: 1 m/s

Nominal output: 1,000 W at 11 m/s

Placement and purpose
The Maverick is optimised for installation on the roofs of buildings in built-up areas for utilisation of a wind-speed of max 4-8 m/s with heavy turbulence. The aerodynamic parts were designed for greatest effectiveness at a wind-speed of 6 m/s.

The wind power plant is intended primarily for charging batteries. The system controls the charging of batteries in fully automated mode.

The output is 24 V DC (alternatively 48 V DC) and 220 V AC/50 Hz. Both outputs can be used simultaneously.

A portable stand for non-invasive installation on the roof has been developed and tested for the Maverick.

A remote control system placed in one compact box is used to control the wind power plant. Wind power plant functions can be monitored remotely.

The control system limits rotor revolutions after the nominal wind speed has been achieved. The rotor is braked during extreme wind speeds. When the wind speed returns to normal, the system lets the turbine back into operation.

We use our extensive experience in this sector during initial installation of the wind power plant on buildings. Roofs have been our livelihood since 1997.

We have been active in the construction sector, and roofs in particular, in the Czech Republic, Germany and Holland for over 22 Years, under the family name of Marada. The history of the development of small wind power plants of our own design began in 2012, when we carried out a lot of work in Holland.
  • 1997

    the Marada Company launched activities in the field of construction, chiefly roofs.

  • 1999

    we started executing contracts in Germany

  • 2011

    we started executing contracts in Holland

  • 2012

    when working on contracts in Holland we began to develop small wind power plants of our own design

  • 2013 - 2014

    we developed, manufactured and tested HAWT, VAWT and DAWT type models, we tested turbines with a diffuser and developed a generator of our own original design.

  • 2015

    we successfully defined the appearance of a small DAWT class wind turbine for use on roofs. The company transformed into an s.r.o. (limited company)

  • 2016 - 2017

    we tested aerodynamic components and generators and constructed the final prototype

  • 2018

    the final prototype under went in-house testing. The company transformed into Marada Wind Power s.r.o. We commenced full operation of the final prototype on the roof of an industrial shed, with storage of the generated power into batteries and subsequent consumption in a dual 220V/ 24 V autonomous power system. We made a decision to introduce the product onto the market on the basis of the results of operation and a market survey.

  • 2019

    the final prototype undergoes testing by a renowned supranational company with a worldwide reputation so that we meet legislative requirements and are able to commence sales.

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The company was registered on 16 June 2015 with the Municipal Court in Prague, File No. C 249061

EU Fond pro regionální rozvoj
The Marada Wind Power s.r.o. Company is executing a project titled “Completion of testing of a small wind power plant and assessment of compliance with valid standards” in 2019. The goal of this project is to complete development of the small wind power plant (measurement of the acoustic performance level) and assure compliance with valid standards for operation of small wind power plants. An independent supplier of services – TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o. – will supply the results of its activities in the form of accredited inspection reports with inspection conclusions (4) and an accredited test record (1). The budget for the subsidy project is CZK 380,000 excluding VAT. The project is co-financed by the European Union, at the value of 75% of the total project budget.
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